We excel in making signs seen.

Sherine is a digitally printed reflective sign innovator. We believe that staying at the forefront of digital imaging technology is critical when striving to deliver the best quality product as efficiently as possible.

This passion is fueled by our belief that high quality materials, equipment, and attention to detail result in superior products designed to perform in unique situations and rugged environments.

We offer superior products across North America.

Sherine’s digitally printed reflective sign faces can be found in cities, parks and roadways across North America. We supply digital prints and finished signs to maintenance contractors, municipalities, governing bodies, and sign fabricators.

We work closely with wayfinding and environmental graphic design companies to give guidance on producing an effective and durable product while enabling the design intent to be fully realized.  Quality, expertise and timely project execution ensure the success of our customers and the communities they serve.

Our digital printing process provides total design flexibility.

Our production facility meets the needs of a diverse group of companies servicing the traffic, wayfinding and safety industries. We digitally direct print onto all grades of 3M Reflective Sheeting, with full 7, 10 or 12 year 3M MCS Warranty. The result is a highly functional and durable sign face that meets strict specifications while offering the total design flexibility provided by digital printing.

Our reflective sign faces are produced in compliance with national and regional regulatory standards, following 3M processing methods, to provide you with the highest quality and longest lasting reflective signage available on the market.


We make digitally printed reflective signs for a variety of applications.


Experienced and dedicated supplier to the traffic industry for over 40 years.

From construction signs to highway guide signs, we do it all with detailed precision to meet strict specifications.


Custom wayfinding digital prints and  finished signs.

Our team of professionals will translate design specifications into products that deliver optimal navigation.


Industry specific safety signs with unmatched durability.

Electrical, oil & gas, mining, emergency response and more.  These companies require high-performing signs for exceptional safety.


Our products perform.


Eliminate multiple layers of material and offer more flexibility in design.

Our single layer prints mean the entire surface is reflective, and every print is protected by a durable laminate to create a rugged and functional sign without the risk of failure.

7, 10, or 12 YR WARRANTY

Only the highest quality 3M products are used to produce our signs.

As a 3M Certified Digital Fabricator, we combine trusted reflective materials with our powerful printing equipment to offer a full warranty on our digitally printed signs.


There are no restrictions when it comes to the number of colors or variable messages.

Unlike other processes digital printing on reflective allows flexibility in design and layout.  Match existing visuals for continuity or simply create without restrictions.


Decreased material and labor costs will help your bottom line.

Applying a single layer of graphics is fast and easy, creating signs that will last in demanding environments and require less frequent replacement.

Our location:

#113 – 19433 96 Ave
Surrey, BC, CANADA, V4N 4C4

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